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Dolce Diet - UFC's Robert Whiteford Talks Nutrition

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    Robert Whiteford recently sat down for an interview at the Boyd Digital offices in Glasgow.

    the interview the discussion turned to how he uses and adheres to the benefits of the Dolce Diet and
    how it fits in perfectly with what he wants to achieve as a fighter.

    What Robert has to say
    Robert had some choice quotes from the interview all about the diet:
    “It tastes good and it’s so simple to make.”
    The most annoying part of following a controller diet plan: the prep.

    Sometimes it isn’t the
    restrictions that cause the most bother but the preparation needed to make every meal.

    Telling an
    impatient fighter they have to spend more time than necessary making their meals
    “Say you do it for 3 weeks there will be meals in it that you actually enjoy.”
    Where other diets take a firm stance that weight loss and getting in shape means removing
    everything you like,
    “If somebody comes in with a chippy you’d prefer something from that.

    It changes your way of

    It’s not just doing it for three weeks, getting shredded and then thinking I’m gonna eat s**t
    Temptation is the biggest maker and breaker of a diet.

    That takeaway someone suggests is almost
    going to be too good.

    Knowing that the food you’ll be making tastes better and is better will put an
    end to that.

    The Dolce Diet takes a less lenient stance on how to control what you eat because it
    works on what you can handle.

    After the adjustment of beginning the diet, those little temptations
    will drop off as quickly as the weight.

    “It makes you think about what you’re putting in to your body.”
    Robert is now gluten, diary and wheat free.

    Simple replacements to his diet have left him feeling
    better than ever.

    If you think a lifestyle change will hinder rather than help maybe the diet won’t
    work for you.

    But if you want to feel the difference it can make, go for it.

    “I’m doing it because I’m enjoying the food”
    Can’t argue with something put as simply as that.

    “Even just by roughly staying on it, you’re not blowing up with the s**t you would normally eat.”
    Leniency is key to diet success.

    Dolce provides a template you can follow.

    You don’t to stick right
    down the middle of the path; just as long as you follow the directions well enough you’ll be able to
    reap the benefits just as much.

    Overview of the diet
    The Dolce diet is a blueprint for those who want to take that extra step towards getting in shape and
    feeling well while losing weight.

    Where diets and exercises don’t mix is grounds for divorce from any
    plan, going through with the Dolce Diet means a shift that permits rather than restricts.

    approach to grains it takes is a liberal stance that is best suited for people who don’t like the restrictive nature of lighter style paleo diets.

    And because it has been created by fighter Mike Dolce,
    it holds that fixated lifestyle approach that a plan from a dietician or nutritionist can match up.

    It looks at a number of factors often overlooked including the influence of alkalines on the body,
    living lean and making sure that everything coming in is clean.

    Fighters obsess over what effect
    different food stuffs have on the body and watching this interview with Robert you’ll see how
    effective it has been for him.

    More about Robert
    A world class featherweight MMA fighter hailing from Scotland, Robert Whiteford is a UFC Fighter
    with an 11-2 record and championship after championship under his belt.

    He is currently a
    Supremacy FC & Vision FC Featherweight Champion.

    You’ll find him as a member of the American
    Top Team who frequently holds fight camps in their Florida facility.

    Closer to home, you’ll find him
    in the Griphouse Gym in Glasgow and work with the Dinky Ninjas fight team.

    Diet plays more than an
    important part in his performance and watching this video you’ll see what he has to say about the
    Dolce diet.

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